Prices are set per character, with the exception of small animals/etc which will have a reduced price based on complexity. 

Terms and Conditions

Payments are accepted through PayPal or Venmo; half paid up front and half paid on delivery of your commission. Please don't send unsolicited payments; wait for me to send you an invoice. I reserve the right to decline any commission I don't feel comfortable working on. 

I will Not do any NSFW/suggestive art, and ship art as a whole depends on the content and characters involved. I will also not do any hate pieces or pieces involving racism/homophobia/transphobia/antisemitism/ableism/etc. 

Fanart and Original Content are both fine. I will do furry art as well, but it should be noted I don't consider it a particular Specialty of mine, if that dissuades you. Gore/Body horror is fine. However, Complex armor and character designs will vary depending on how busy I am and may cost more. Feel free to ask about anything I haven't already listed! 

The prices listed above are for personal use art. If you are going to be using the art on a product or similar money-making venture we'll need to discuss signing off the rights to do so. Regardless of what rights are signed off for commercial use, you are not allowed to pass my artwork off as your own or anyone else's besides myself. Any original characters may fall under their respective owner's copyright, but the artwork I create falls under mine. With this in mind, please don't edit my work unless permission has been given to do so. If the art is reposted anywhere by the commissioner, full credit should also be included. 

Contacting Me

When contacting me for a commission, please include the following in your request:

  • The style of commission you're requesting, selected from the options at the top of the page

  • A description of what you're looking for - please be as descriptive as possible when telling me what you want! The more details you're able to give me, the more my artwork will represent what you're asking for. 

  • References, if applicable (character designs, poses, style references, etc.); again these will help me create exactly what it is you're looking for. 

  • Any additional details (Character personality/background, specific deadlines, extra details, the rights you need, etc.) 

  • Your email

  • If contacting me through email, please include the subject [Commission Request]!

Once the commission is accepted and the invoice is sent, I'll begin working after receiving the first half of the fee. This is non-refundable, and if you wind up canceling your commission after I've started working on the final image you may also be charged an additional 25% as a kill fee (total 75% of the agreed cost paid). 

You'll receive a basic sketch preview first, which will be your opportunity to ask for any major changes. Minor changes can be made after work on the final image has begun, but asking for major changes after the initial sketches may incur an additional fee.